Industrial Maintenance

Industrial Maintenance service includes repair and maintenance of different types of equipment and machines used in an industrial environment. The bases can be divided into the following five categories: General knowledge, knowledge on mechanics, electrical knowledge, welding knowledge, and preventive maintenance. According to this wide variety of areas of expertise, technicians must be qualified to perform multiple tasks, thus achieving a comprehensive industrial maintenance.

Industrial Maintenance also implies a great ability to solve problems. Problem identification, together with the most efficient and safe methods to cope with the difficulty, are an integral part of the maintenance process.

The general knowledge required for industrial maintenance, basically, includes having an understanding of the tools, blueprint reading skills, and knowledge of industrial safety. Having the appropriate tools and knowledge of its use is crucial to establish potential problems in machinery. Blueprint reading allows the technician to understand how a machine works in particular.

Safety is also a key aspect in maintenance. Most industrial machines can be dangerous. So, it is important for the technician to maintain his own safety, as well as that of the workers who will use the machine.

Industrial Maintenance
Industrial Maintenance

The knowledge on mechanics about machinery operation may include familiarization with concepts like: Mechanical power transmission, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission, piping, pumps and compressors systems.

General maintenance requires the knowledge on how machines work in general. To repair a machine with a power supply problem, it is essential to have high level of familiarity with wiring, transformers and industrial electronics.

Knowledge on welding techniques, such as arc welding and gas welding, is also necessary.

AIT offers you industrial maintenance services with trained and qualified technicians for scheduled maintenance. Since we handle equipment from different manufacturers, our industrial maintenance service is the most complete you can find. At AIT, we have specialized and qualified technicians who have excellent problem-solving skills.

We are a professional and responsible company. We do not only assist you in repairing existing faults, but we also offer you preventive industrial maintenance. Usually, modern industrial machinery is expensive. It is very important for companies to ensure the maintenance of their investment. Remember that preventive industrial maintenance is also part of the industrial safety standards.

Industrial Maintenance

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