Automotive Industry Automation

At AIT, the automotive industry automation service is one of our main specializations. We provide high technological performance products and services in the automotive segment, offering comprehensive solutions for automation and motion control. Our main goal is to offer solutions that add value to our customers. Since AIT founding, we stand out as a solid company in the field. We have contributed to the growth and development of some of the most important companies that manufacture automobiles in Argentina.

Diversity of Products in Leading Brands

Among our products you can find a wide variety of industrial solutions and leading brands in the market, such as: At AIT we always work with the aim of improving our customers’ productivity and quality level for an increasingly demanding automotive market.

We are able to offer from the simplest industrial machine to the largest and most complex system imaginable. All AIT staff members are qualified to handle the last technologies.

This is largely due to the diversity of products that our customers work with. We always place our experience and technological knowledge of leading brands in the automotive industry automation at our customers’ disposal.

Automotive Industry Automation

AIT solutions for Automotive Industry Automation

Automotive Industry Automation

AIT has a wide range of products and services for the Argentinian automotive market. Among our most popular solutions, we have the PLC Programming service, Control Engineering, and Scadas systems. Automotive Industrial Automation in our country pioneered the inclusion of new technologies. As a company, AIT never leaves this premise aside and constantly works to provide the most innovative solutions in the Argentinian automotive industry.

AIT’s years of experience as a leading company build confidence in our customers, and are our executives’ pride.Every year we launch new products and models for the automotive industrial automation industry. Our customers are our job’s best witness.

Transport system implementation

In the last years, we’ve worked hard for the improvement and implementation of air transport system, EOM, with Wetron or LJU technology. Chain transport, both overhead or floor-based, and units transfer by land or air.

Our software modifications in smart bodywork storage with double monorail are famous. And our assistance service in PLC Programming and data acquisition systems (Scada) is of world-class quality.

Automotive Industry Automation

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